Library in Carnide

Following the skills developed in previous semesters, including diagnosis, analysis, evolution from observing to the understanding, it is intended that students put into practice the skills acquired in an urban context. 

Based on the analysis of a set to a piece of equipment and its character-enhancing new relationships in the city, it is intended to be developed and consolidated in the urban mesh studied. 

The beginning of the project was essentially the definition of some crucial issues in this particular urban context and sought to solve. [Dis]jointed Mesh - With the exception of estrada da Luz (Road), the transversal accesses are clearly cross deregulated and unclear - frequent feature throughout the mesh of the city of Lisbon. Objective: - To clarify a structured mesh that promotes a more organized urban life. The creation of a small avenue off the north emerges as an example of this attempt.

Pre-existence/Reborn - It was decided to maintain three existing buildings which fall into the proposal with substantial importance: the Igreja da Luz (Church of Light), the building of the former students of the military college, and finally the building of the Institute Adolfo Coelho.

An idea of “Blanket” -  To a much greater elevation of creeping development blocks, is projected a “blanket”. The altimetric relationship with the altimetric tallest towers (both the Northeast and the Southwest) is established by the same central axis that develops the proposal. Then there is an increase in height to the lateral limits of the intervention that provides an effective relationship with the higher events around Largo da Luz (Light Square). (in collaboration with Mariana Fernandes Marques, Francisco Fernandes, José Maria Gonçalves Vieira and Miguel Meira Carvalho)

The proposal started from a trapezoidal shape that comprised the urban intervention proposed by the group. The volumes that correspond to intersections were subtracted. These volumes came from the “expansion” of the philosophical reality that was wastelands. And the input of green to the library could make this a more enjoyable place.

The relationship with the environment mentioned earlier,  was based on, again, subtraction of volumes: The corresponding volume of the part in touch with the building of the former students of the military college (left volume) where you create a plan that will finish the entire movement of the commercial corridor; The right volume corresponds to a “preserved” path that will establish a visual contact “framed” with the Church of Light. The library’s facade thus is transformed into a diversity of intersections. These intersections will each contain a different relation (street / library).

The addition of a volume which acts as an exception. This would be the area of children’s library, which will have a greater proximity to the playground located in the plaza. The exception represents the different personality of children. A more open minded, exploratory, looking for different things. The Intersections result, later, in the boundaries of some areas when speaking of spatial organization. As a final result we obtain a cover with a set of plans, handled in elevation and slope depending on the function of the space underneath and depending on the solar orientation.