Chelas Housing

“In 1974, right after the revolution, one million emigrants (10% of the Portuguese population) were forced to return to Portugal, so Nuno Portas, the architect and Secretary of State for Public Works, confronted with an already compromised condition of the housing in the large urban centers, promotes a set of laws from which began the SAAL experiences.“

“The citizen’s life can be severely hampered due to a lack of consistency in the study of the location and/or amount of roads. A plan must be urgently developed in order to promote he exceptional natural conditions of the area with increasing centrality characteristics. “

There was a number of issues in the area that needed to be solved. The idea was to offer this neighborhood a project with many benefits not only to its own inhabitants but also for residents in the proximities. There are some aspects that need to be emphasized in this project such as: the placement of the housing blocks - a strong dialogue between their heights and a certain irregularity in its disposition; the assumption of two towers (hotel and office) as gateways of the proposal to assume greater importance; establish physical contact between the large shopping gallery with Street Dr. Augusto de Castro;

The result is a plan with two lines of “cube like buildings” disposed organically in the land with walkways in each direction, converging in a central plaza with a commercial area and restaurants. David Chipperfield’s Ciudad de la Justícia Barcelona was a clear reference for this project.