Ancient Art Museum

In an area marked by its predominantly residential character, with a strong nightlife and an intense car traffic, this project is an attempt to bring clarity to the surroundings of the National Ancient Art Museum, reaffirming it in the museum route of Lisbon. To achieve this clarity, not only pedestrian and vehicle access to the museum must be improved, but also increase the museum’s display and storage area and consequently its technical areas.  

The intervention was thus on two fronts: The first is at the current location of the Instituto José Figueiredo, proposing the demolition of it, for the construction of a new building which increases the museum area. The best way to “complete” the Museum was through a volume that resembles the volume annexed to the Palace designed by the brothers Rebelo de Andrade, establishing a strong axis of symmetry in Alvor Palace, and assigning a volumetric equilibrium to the Museum.

This new volume would house all the Portuguese Museum collection, freeing the entire area of the annex to receive temporary exhibitions. The new building also gets four levels of underground parking for visitors, a rooftop restaurant and a new auditorium that will free up the space of the former to increase the area of the library.

The second is located on the 24th of July Avenue, adjacent to the staircase leading to the Romantic Garden. The proposed set rehouses the Instituto José de Figueiredo offering, also, a significant increase in the storage area for artefacts and workshops for its restoration.